Help with the Ideas platform

The big idea

This is a creativity enhancer. One person can come up with a number of ideas around developing potential solutions to challenging situations. More people cross-fertilising each others ideas, works better. This is the main reason we use brainstorming. We help this by enabling people to think about the challenges before the event so that ideas can build and develop beforehand.


Organisers (hosts) propose and set the challenges that need possible solutions. The event could be for the people in your organisation, or it could be one you're hosting for a public event.


The challenge is something that needs a solution. They can be private, or public. They run for a set amount of time. Participants contribute ideas, raise questions, and highlight contextual issues around the challenge, and offer potential solutions to challenges.

When you're looking at the list of challenges, click on the 'view' link to see the full challenge and its associated issues and ideas. You can add your issues under the categories of 'barriers' (possible problems in addressing the challenge), 'opportunities' (which the challenge opens up to be exploited), 'context' (that are background and other contextual issues to consider) and possible solutions as 'ideas'.


Issues can be raised by contributors based on their perception of the challenge. These can opportunities created by the challenge, or barriers in the way of successfully meeting the challenge, as well as questions, and aspects that need to be considered. This is the where the space around the challenge is defined and clarified so that people understand what is being considered.


Ideas are potential solutions to address the challenge. Here is where proposed solutions are set out by participants in as much detail as possible. Others can respond with comments to raise questions, as well as offer supporting evidence, or help.

Getting started


If you want to be a host, then email us and we can create an a host space for you, along with your challenge. We need to know who you are, and what you're doing.


If you want to take part in a challenge, then you sign up for an account and you can then subscribe to any of the open public challenges. After that, you can then see the details, and raise issues, as well as provide ideas.

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