Welcome to the alpha version of the Ideas Platform. This is our brainstorming space where we post challenges by groups looking for potential solutions. We also look for more context of the challenge by gathering both opportunities to be flagged up, and barriers to look out for.

This is a platform for gathering and suggesting ideas and solutions to meet challenges, which are hosted by someone at a group, or organisation. We enable groups to pose challenges so that participants can highlight barriers, and opportunities raised by the challenges, along with potential solutions to the issues raised by the challenges.

The event is any occasion where you want make it easy for people to propose options, and solutions to the challenge you've set. This could for something private to a group of people, or more public, which anyone can contribute ideas to.

How you use it depends upon whether you're the host, or someone suggesting solutions to challenges. You can use it to prepare for events in person, or for virtual events, as suit your needs.

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Host a Challenge?

Do you want to host your own challenge?

Follow these steps to get going:

  1. Start by by joining the platform.
  2. Create a host.
  3. Purchase credits that allow you to host a challenge.
  4. Create a challenge
  5. Invite people to the challenge.
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Take part in a Challenge?

Would you like to take part in a challenge?

Follow these steps to get going:

  1. Start by by joining the platform.
  2. Next, look at the 'challenges', subscribe to one, and then look at it to see what you can contribute.
  3. Now add any issues you see for the challenge. Issues are classified into 'Barriers', 'Opportunities', and 'Context' to make it easier to understand the background of the challenge.
  4. Now, if you see possible solutions for the challenge, then add those as 'ideas'
  5. Now go back and add anything else that makes sense for the challenge.
  6. Anywhere along the way, you can also add comments to what others have posted too.

You can find out more about the ideas platform on the Help page.

Join in the ideas generation by Joining the platform.

Or if you already have an account then why wait? Log in and let's enter those ideas.

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